West of Want – Hearts of the Anemoi – Book 2

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Betrayal is all he’s ever known, but in her, he’ll find a love strong enough to be trusted…

When Marcella Raines’ twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Though she’s gravely injured–and still emotionally damaged from her recent divorce–Ella fights to survive.

Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring, but being the strongest Anemoi hasn’t protected him from betrayal and loss. Worse, he’s sure his brother Eurus is behind it. When Zeph’s heartbreak whips up a storm that shipwrecks a human, his guilt forces him to save her.

Ella is drawn to the vulnerability Zeph hides beneath his otherworldly masculinity and ancient blue eyes. And her honesty, empathy, and unique, calming influence leave Zeph wanting…everything. When Eurus threatens Ella, she and Zeph struggle to let go of the past, defend their future, and embrace what they most want–a love that can be trusted.

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A rustling of fabric behind her caught her attention, and she didn’t turn to look, because she knew. He’d taken his jeans off.

Her imagination went wild. He was magnificent from the waist up—cut stomach, taut chest, broad shoulders, arms so muscular the veins popped. No way the scenery on the bottom half was any less impressive. If she let her eyes confirm the details, she’d be done for. All over him. Any pretense that this was just about removing bad magic would go right down the drain.

Wet denim slapped against the floor. The door slid shut.

Instinctively, Ella felt Zeph’s presence behind her. Looming. Promising to touch.

Her mind resisted what her body wanted. Ella didn’t do this. She was analytical and levelheaded. While she enjoyed adventure, she wasn’t a risk taker and she wasn’t a by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of woman. These were traits developed through sailing, traits that made her a good sailor. Recent debacle notwithstanding.

“Almost done now, Ella,” he whispered against her neck. His lips skimmed under her ear. The action was just a brush, not a full kiss, but it ignited the blood in her veins just the same. She tilted her head away, exposing her throat to him, inviting more. Fingers stroked her, from jaw to collarbone. “You are so lovely. I could touch you forever.”

She sagged back against him and gasped. He was completely naked. And fully aroused. Oh, my God.

7 reviews for West of Want – Hearts of the Anemoi – Book 2

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    “Laura Kaye’s captivating writing and vibrant world-building will have readers hooked on the gods of the Anemoi. WEST OF WANT is steamy, spellbinding, and a must-read for all romance fantasy fans.”
    ~Elisabeth Naughton, author of the Eternal Guardians series

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    “Favorite Returning Paranormal Series” ~RT Book Reviews

  3. Pws Builder

    “A RARE TOP PICK! The two main characters Ella and Zeph were so down to earth that it was impossible not to like them. The fact that Owen from North of Need played a minor role in the events that took place in West of Want was an added bonus….kept me guessing as to what he would do next. The pace of West of Want was absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to follow.” ~Night Owl Reviews

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    “As long as you like your sex hot, you’ll be very happy with this book….Laura had me so tightly gripped into the story….If you haven’t read North By Need, you will want to catch up on this great series…and pick up a copy of West of Want!” ~Urban Girl Reader

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    “It’s a crazy passionate love story that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning just so you can read that final page. Readers will definitely not be disappointed; West of Want is absolutely fantastic.” ~Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

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    “West of Want is a wonderful escape into an enchanted world that I loved being a part of. Laura delivers a heartfelt romance with a touch of magic that had me captivated from beginning to end.” ~A Bookworm’s Haven

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    “A MUST READ! West of Want had some serious heart…Laura Kaye either has a giant stash of super secret sauce or is simply a master at her craft, because just about every book I’ve read from her to-date has been a homerun, the Hearts of the Anemoi stories especially so.” ~GraveTells

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