In the Service of the King – Vampire Warrior Kings Series – Book 1

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Now updated with new content and available in ebook and paperback. The audiobooks are of the original edition.

Seven ancient Vampire Kings.

One fight to save humanity…

Kael McQuillan, Warrior King of the Vampires, loathes the Night of the Proffering. He needs the blood of either his mate or a human virgin to maintain his strength, but hasn’t enjoyed the ritual since he lost his wife centuries ago. Kael doesn’t want a new companion, yet his resolve is tested when he meets his newest offering. She’s beautiful and poised, but her curious, mismatched eyes intrigue him more than they should, and when he hurts her, he can’t help wanting another chance…

Shayla McKinnon knows the rules: Serve the needs of the Vampire Warrior King. Obey his commands. Don’t ask questions. But knowing the rules doesn’t always mean that Shayla follows them. She’s waited her whole life for this moment, for a chance to become part of another world—for the possibility of getting justice for those she’s lost. And Kael is her darkest fantasy come to life, even though he’s intimidating as hell, too.

Now they’re locked in a red-hot battle of wills, and the only question is which one will end up on their knees…

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Finalist, FF&P PRISM Award for Best Paranormal Novella of 2013


Shayla’s mind erupted into a cacophony of joyous confusion. She’d been specifically told there would be no kissing. The king did not kiss. But, holy hell! Did the king ever kiss.

His large frame bent down over her, surrounding her in his heat. His full lips sucked and pulled at hers and his tongue demanded entrance and exploration, which she freely granted. His hard muscles bunched and thrummed around her, setting her body on fire everywhere they touched. The scent of powerful masculinity filled her nose, and the exquisite flavor of his tongue in her mouth intoxicated her. And, oh God, every time she felt the passing hardness of his fangs as they kissed made her whimper and moan. Her body readied itself immediately for his, moistening, opening.

Having shielded herself from physical relationships, she was astounded to learn her body had the ability to produce this crazy, urgent euphoria. Her brain scrambled to process each new, maddening sensation. In that moment, she would’ve done anything to maintain the feeling. Was it always like this?

Kael growled low in his chest as his mouth came at her again and again, and Shayla felt the vibration of the feral sound against her breasts. She squeezed her thighs together, seeking friction to satisfy even a little of her now uncontrollable lust. Her mouth was so filled with his probing tongue it was difficult to get enough oxygen, but his kisses convinced her she could live without it as long as he continued to devour her so intensely.

Never had she imagined the expression of physical love could make her feel so wanted, so needed.

His obvious pleasure throbbed against her stomach and flooded her with unbelievable feelings of power, and just a little fear. Because they were off the grid now, outside the bounds of the rules and expectations she’d been taught during her training. And she was thrilled it might mean he was as affected by her as she was by him. Wherever the king was leading them, she was only too happy to follow. In truth, she felt powerless to do otherwise.

4 reviews for In the Service of the King – Vampire Warrior Kings Series – Book 1

  1. Laura Kaye

    “Amazingly written by Laura Kaye (as if she wouldn’t) with wonderful characters that I’ve come to look for in her books.” –Cocktails and Books

  2. Laura Kaye

    “Laura packs it full of steamy, hot vampire goodness that will have your mind between the sheets of a bed and not a book. The characters are spirited and you definitely want them to hook up….I loved the descriptions of the culture of the vampires, the decor and costume. Serious Hot Book. Can’t wait for the rest of the series!!” ~Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  3. Laura Kaye

    “Whether you’re already a fan of Laura Kaye’s passionate, heart-wrenching style or a new reader looking for your next fix, you absolutely must read In the Service of the King….so come see what all the fuss is about and move this smokin’ hot novella right to the top of your TBR list!” ~GraveTells

  4. Laura Kaye

    “Shayla and Kael share an amazing amount of passion for each other. Their chemistry is off the charts….In the Service of the King was just plain fantastic” ~Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

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