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Beckett Murda hates to dwell on the past. But his investigation into the ambush that killed half his Special Forces team and ended his Army career gives him little choice. Just when his team learns how powerful their enemies are, hard-ass Beckett encounters his biggest complication yet—a seductive, feisty Katherine Rixey.

A tough, stubborn prosecutor, Kat visits her brothers’ Hard Ink Tattoo shop following a bad break-up—and finds herself staring down the barrel of a stranger’s gun. Beckett is hard-bodied and sexy as hell, but he’s also the most infuriating man ever. Worse, Kat’s brothers are at war with the criminals her office is investigating. When Kat joins the fight, she lands straight in Beckett’s sights . . . and in his arms. Not to mention their enemies’ crosshairs.

Now Beckett and Kat must set aside their differences to work together, because the only thing sweeter than justice is finding love and never letting go.


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Nominated for Best Romantic Suspense of 2015 in the RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards


For a second Kate gave him a strange look, and then she bolted toward him, rammed into his gut, and flipped him over her back. As the breath whooshed out of him on impact, Beckett’s brain scrambled to catch up to what the fuck had just happened.

He blinked and looked up.

Kat stood over him, arms crossed, hip jutted out to the side, smirk on her face. “That was just for the record.” She turned on her heel and made it maybe two steps.

A flash fire ripped through Beckett’s mind. He flew off the floor and grabbed her from behind before she’d even made it off the mat. Light as she was, he easily lifted her off the ground, keeping her from using the floor for any leverage against which to strike at him. She screamed and thrashed against him.

And then he took her to the mat and came down on top of her, his front to hers. Breathing hard—from the adrenaline rush more than the hit he’d taken—he pressed his lips to her ear. “Five seconds. For the record.”

Kat’s muscles exploded into action, her arms and legs surrounding him, trying to grip him tightly. She was going for a choke hold or a joint lock, and he wasn’t giving her the satisfaction. He fought against her holds, went for his own shots at pinning her, and wrestled her until they were both breathing hard and cursing and hot from the exertion.

Beckett had possibly never been more turned on in his life.

“Give up, Kat,” he rasped, less and less worried about hurting her when she was so ably proving she could take it.

“Fuck you,” she whispered, going for his throat.

He grinned and gripped her arms, prying them apart with his greater strength and pinning them to the floor.

Her whole body moved in a wave beneath him as she brought her hips up to try to clamp her thighs around his neck. Damn, she was skilled at this. He had to give her that, especially as she managed to get a knee up over his shoulder and knock him hard enough in the carotid artery to momentarily daze him. She got her arms free from his and had almost escaped from underneath him when his wits returned.

He dove and caught her around the stomach, taking her down once more so that he lay on top of her, his front to her back. “Where do you think you’re going?” he whispered in her ear.

Slowly, the fight drained out of her muscles. “Nowhere,” she said, panting. No doubt his weight made it harder for her to catch her breath. But he wasn’t giving up this advantage for anything. Because being pinned underneath him was probably the only way she was going to listen to what he had to say. And the fact that she wasn’t still struggling to get away set his blood on fire.

“I’m sorry. About last night,” he whispered, dragging his lips against her ear. She shuddered. “I was an asshole.”

“Yes,” she said, although the need he heard in the word was as much about how he was teasing her skin with his lips and gently rocking his hips against her ass. He would’ve put money on it.

“I just didn’t want you there,” he said.

She huffed and jerked, suddenly trying to get free of him again. “That was clear, Beckett.”

Way to go, asshole. But he wasn’t letting her go until she understood him clearly. He pinned her arm down again and shifted his weight upward, securing her upper body beneath him. “Because I hate the thought of you getting hurt, Kat. Nothing to do with whether you can handle it. But the thought of you in harm’s way makes me fucking crazy. Okay? I don’t like it. It makes me want to destroy things with my bare hands. Jesus.”

“Oh,” she said, the fight going out of her once more, as if his words had appeased her. “But you’ll be there. You all will.”

He dragged his tongue up the side of her neck. A thin sheen of sweat had broken out across her skin as they wrestled, and she tasted fucking delicious. Salty and sweet and something that was all Kat. “I’ll be there, Kat,” he said, shifting his hips against her ass. He was rock fucking hard.

“Beckett,” she whispered, the sound plaintive and needy.

“You drive me so goddamned crazy I don’t know what I’m doing half the time,” he said, his arm curling under her shoulder, his legs going to the outside of hers, his hips grinding against her rear.

And then she ground right back, arching her spine to bring her ass up more firmly against his cock. The breathy moan she unleashed went right to his balls, making them heavy and achy.

“I swear I didn’t plan this, but I want inside you, Kat. Tell me what you want.”

3 reviews for Hard to Let Go – Hard Ink – Book 4

  1. Pws Builder

    “Kaye wraps up her bestselling series with this action-packed story, highlighting her talent for alpha military heroes, hot romance, and an ensemble cast of characters who are unique and engaging. A super sexy, high-octane romantic suspense novel that concludes the popular Hard Ink series in a completely satisfying way.” ~Kirkus Reviews

  2. Pws Builder

    “TOP PICK! Kaye brings her Hard Ink series to a spectacular conclusion that successfully wraps up the overarching mystery and brings closure to her compelling characters. Kaye really nails it with this awesome book and series!” ~RT Book Reviews

  3. Fresh Fiction

    “HARD TO LET GO will blow you away! Anyone who has been following Laura Kaye’s fantastic Hard Ink series will expect something great for the last book in the series, and to say HARD TO LET GO does not disappoint would be the understatement of the year! Ms. Kaye writes sex scenes like it’s nobody’s business, and the blistering chemistry between Kat and Becket will leave you panting and begging for more! If you expected world-class action in HARD TO LET GO, think again and multiply that by ten! HARD TO LET GO has to be the most explosive conclusion to a series ever! Do not miss it at any cost!” ~Fresh Fiction

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