Just Gotta Say

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Callie Davis stumbles upon two of her three male roommates in a surprising, molten-hot midnight tryst and discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. Desire to play with them grips her, and she can’t stop fantasizing about having multiple men, particularly her three long-time best friends.

Callie is thrilled when a guys’ night out gives her the perfect opportunity to recreate her fantasy, with the help of a threesome porn video and a bag of sex toys. That is, until Lucas, Jack and Noah return early and catch her in the act. More than anything, the guys want to make her fantasy come true. But Callie has a secret, and she can’t help wondering if being with all three men will risk the future she’s always wanted with one of them.

As three strong sets of hands caress and undress her, Callie surrenders to desire, because sometimes you just gotta say…yes.


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Lucas was the first man on the bed. One thing he would never stand for was Callie Davis begging. Not when he was only too happy to give.

His gaze held hers, and she smiled as he pulled her into his arms. Their kiss was urgent, devouring. Lucas swallowed each of Callie’s small whimpers and sounds, feeding his soul.

Her small, soft hands settled on his waist and tugged at his shirt. He sucked in a breath as Callie removed it, their mouths separating only long enough to pass the cotton over his head. Then he was right back, wanting everything he could have of her.

Callie explored his upper body. She massaged his shoulders. Traced the shrapnel and surgical scars the explosion had left all down the side of his ribs. Scraped short fingernails over his erect nipples, tangled her fingers in the trail of hair leading down past his belly button.

Lucas pulled away from her lips and dropped his attention to her throat. Whenever she wore her hair up, his gaze always lingered on the long column of her beautiful neck. He thought of that now as he licked and nipped and sucked from her jaw line to her collarbone.

He pushed at the silk on her shoulder just enough to extend his exploration.

Her hand stroked his hair, held him to her. “Come closer,” she whispered.

Lucas looked up as Callie beckoned Jack and Noah to join in.

4 reviews for Just Gotta Say

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    “A wonderful erotica novella, one you shouldn’t miss!” — 4/5 Stars from Stella Ex Libris

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    “Hottern’ the hinges of hell and tugs at your heart, the best of both worlds.” — 4/5 Stars from Manic Readers

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    “It seems that Laura Kaye can write in just about any genre she chooses, and do it exceedingly well.” — You Gotta Read Reviews

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    “Just Gotta Say is one of the hottest books I’ve read in a long time! Ms. Kaye has packed one hell of an erotic punch in this searing 55 page story!” –5/5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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