Hide and Seek – Blasphemy – Book 7 – Coming 2022!

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Coming September 13, 2022

He wants to be her darkest fantasy…

Former professional boxer Leo Vargas loves the thrill of the fight, something he has a taste for in and out of the bedroom. Being a Master at Blasphemy gives him an outlet for his darker desires, but it’s still challenging to find a partner interested in the primal play he needs—until an online connection leads him to a beautiful woman interested in his brand of hide and seek…

It was never Sofia Russo’s dream to run her overprotective family’s business, but she took it on when her father died. As good as she is at her job, she’s done being the dutiful good girl—so she does something just for herself and joins an online community to find someone to bring her secret fantasies to life. Master Leo is a hard-bodied bruiser with a harsh face and mismatched eyes, and he introduces Sofia to the intense world of role-playing and to a mutual attraction she craves even as it intimidates her.

The more Leo chases Sofia, the more she captivates him—until he isn’t sure who’s the predator and who’s the prey. But when they’re discovered in a compromising position that threatens to blow up both of their worlds, they must decide if they’re willing to hide what they’ve found—or if they’ll claim it forever.


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