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VOTE for the next Raven Riders Hero!

So many of you have told me you want more Raven Riders – and I hear you! I have adored writing in this world, and these guys are as real to me as they could be! So I’d be only too happy to write more. The problem is, I can’t decide which of the remaining completely awesome and totally sex remaining characters should get the book!

Should it be the silent, mysterious, and intimidating Caine McKannon? Or should Jagger Locke, the sexy, brilliant, musical, and wrongfully accused brother, get the book? OR should it be Phoenix Creed, the scorching-hot smart-ass with the heart of gold?

I can’t decide. So it’s up to you. That’s right. You get to vote.


And once you’re done, tell your friends to vote, too! For even more fun, share the graphic of the Raven you want to win, or make it your avatar. But do it all by November 15, because that’s when the voting ends and I make the big announcement on Facebook about who’s next!

How fun is this??? So go go! And comment down below to tell me who you hope wins! 😀

And grab all the Raven Riders books if you haven’t already!

Thanks for reading – and hopefully voting!


56 thoughts on “VOTE for the next Raven Riders Hero!

  1. Caine‼️

  2. Jagger … then Caine and finally Phoenix. I want them all!!! ❤️

    1. Ditto!!!

    2. I agree jagger then Caine then Phoenix!!

  3. Jagger

  4. Jagger

  5. Can I say that I want them all and Sheriff Martin to boot? 🙂

  6. Jagger

  7. I’d really like it to be Jagger, but I’m voting for PHOENIX, I love me a smart ass.

  8. Canine, then Phoenix, then Jagger–want all of them!!

  9. Jagger

  10. Canine, then Phoenix, then Jagger!!!

  11. I wants all! But if I have to choose one I would say Phoenix

  12. Jagger

  13. I choose PHOENIX

  14. Need Jagger!!

  15. They all deserve it! Each has a story to tell it’s not right to make a choose just one!

  16. Want them all!!!!:-)

  17. Phoenix, Jagger and then Caine

  18. Phoenix please.

  19. Caine!!!

  20. Jagger. But seriously I want them all. ❤️

  21. Definitely Jagger if we can’t have them all!!

  22. Phoenix!

  23. Caine. Love the silent and mysterious types! But no matter which one, I have
    no doubt it will be awesome!

  24. Caine. Tried clicking on the vote button but it said page didn’t exist.

  25. Jagger

  26. Caine because he’s so dark

  27. Definitely Phoenix!

  28. I like Caine!

  29. I agree that all three should each have their story too! But I’d say go with Phoenix🔥🔥

  30. Phoenix

  31. Jagger, then Caine

  32. Jagger!!

  33. Like everyone, I want them all. But if I have to chose, then Phoenix is my choice.

  34. Phoenix … and Caine!

  35. Too hard to choose ,I think Caine would be my first choice,although you gotta love them all!

  36. I hope Jagger wins! I can’t wait for his story!

  37. Jagger… But I want all of them to have a story!

  38. Jagger!!

  39. Caine!!!!!!

  40. I would love for it to be Jagger phonic and then caine

  41. Caine

  42. 1.Phoenix

  43. Well darn! I was behind on my email so am just seeing this. I wish there was an all choice! I like what someone else said, all and Sheriff Martin too. 🙂 Love the Raven Riders world.

  44. Caine❤️!

  45. Yummy Caine❤️!

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